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Membership Plans

  • Best Value

    Full Membership

    有效期 12 個月
    • Full playing rights, Voting rights,
    • and the right to participate in the management of the club
  • Mid-Week Membership

    有效期 12 個月
    • Monday - Friday, No voting rights
    • No participation in club competitions
  • 9 Hole Membership

    有效期 12 個月
    • Same privileges as mid - weeks
    • but with no restrictions on the days to play
  • Junior Membership

    Perfect for beginners
    有效期 12 個月
    • Must be 19 years of age or at secondary school.
    • Full playing rights at the discretion of the club.
    • Date of birth must be stated
  • Summer Membership

    有效期 6 個月
    • No voting rights
    • Play only during the months of daylight saving
  • Affiliated

    有效期 12 個月
    • Must be a member of another club.
    • Can play any time during the week
    • Same conditions as Mid - Week membership
  • 9/18 Hole Round

    Come play a round for $20
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